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Updates, Music and DÚBH!

Music and updates about for DÚBH, Big Bang Evolutionary Big Bang, Bending Dogma and Via Zammata'!

Dominican Jazz 2015

Rock Enroll Bending Dogma and Via Zammata'

Late summer is a time of good energy. Let's hit the [RESET] button.

One Crazy Summer

Summer took off like a rocket with a number of trips for Berklee and culminating in a few exciting opportunities!

Here We Go!

There is much afoot musically in 2015.  The launch of the new jasoncamelio.com is allowing me to use new tools to share news, events and commentary.

Laying the Groundwork in LA for 2013 Summer

Great Music Brewing in Dublin

I strongly encourage readers to keep an eye on Ronan’s and Newpark’s work.  They always have something special brewing in Dublin.

Here Is What $1 Million Looks Like in Puerto Rico

This year, we have hit a major watershed. With the level of talent at a steady rise, it was inevitable.

Following the Path Through Berklee in Puerto Rico

Their basic instinct is to work on the music. They are not in it for the glory — just for the satisfaction of going a fine job.

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